So you’ve just launched your business. You’re busy working on your product or service, expanding your clientele, and refining your value proposition.

You now need investors to buy into your vision. That’s where Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) enters the picture. Given how “young” you are in the game, it’s possible investors may see you as a high-risk investment.

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However, with SEIS tax relief benefits, they could be ready to invest in you, enabling you to raise up to £150,000 in total under the scheme.

To be eligible for SEIS, you should have been trading for less than two years, employ less than 25 people, and have fewer than £200,000 in gross assets.

And if you’re a medium-sized startup with under 250 employees and under £15 million in gross assets planning to raise a funding round, you could opt for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) scheme and raise up to £12 million.

You can enjoy tax savings of up to 50% for SEIS and up to 30% for EIS investment and get potential exemptions from the Capital Gains Tax and inheritance tax.

SEIS, EIS, and VCT tax relief

Then there is the Venture Capital Trusts (VCT) scheme that enables you to raise up to £5m per year and a total of £12m, giving you up to 30% tax benefit.

This one’s perfect if you’re a high-risk company. The advantage of a VCT scheme is that the investor can't touch the entire amount invested for five years. The maximum amount qualifying for VCT relief is £200,000 each tax year. So, which one is it going to be?

Either option offers an excellent opportunity for you to get the funding you need to grow. Take help from Birdfynn Accountants!

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Finding the right funding for your business will never be easy, but it’s important. That’s why we take this responsibility so seriously. Here’s what the scope of our SEIS, EIS, and VCT tax relief support service includes:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme or SEIS offers startups that have been trading for not more than two years, employ less than 25 people, and have fewer than £200,000 in gross assets a chance to raise funds as high as £150,000. The scheme was launched with an aim to boost the UK's economic growth by promoting new enterprise and entrepreneurship. Learn more about how a UK Startup can benefit from SEIS/EIS

The VCT scheme has been created to encourage individuals to invest in small, high risk trading companies. It’s a lesser known version of EIS and its benefit is that the entire amount invested can't be touched by the investor for five years. The maximum amount qualifying for VCT relief is £200,000 in each tax year.

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