Construction is one of the most critical industries in the
UK and a vital part of the economy. The CIS scheme
applies to payments for construction work.

That means a contractor must make tax deductions from subcontractors and pass them on to HMRC.
However, they must ensure the subcontractors are verified with the taxman for that to happen.

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HMRC will then inform the contractor whether to deduct 30%, 20% or 0% tax. You must get it right from day one and meet compliance if you're in the construction business. When you opt for Birdfynn’s CIS accounting services, you’re assured you meet your CIS obligations to HMRC and subcontractors.

We stay on top of your records and manage your CIS scheme compliance process, including preparing and submitting CIS returns, verifying your subcontractors, and providing you with the deduction statements. Minimise the stress that comes with managing CIS accounting with Birdfynn Accountants. Start today!

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The number of deductions and payments you make is directly proportional to how your subcontractors are set up. Don’t worry - our CIS accountants will gladly sort out everything. Here’s the scope of our CIS accounting services:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The CIS scheme is a tax deduction scheme that involves tax being deducted at source from payments relating to construction work and passing it to HMRC. The deductions are considered advance payments towards the subcontractors’ tax and NI.

CIS deductions must be paid to HMRC by the 19th day of the following tax month - running from the 6th day of one month to the 5th day of the next month. Each subcontractor has to be supplied with a monthly statement of deductions. You must file a nil return if no deductions have been made.

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