Thinking of starting your own business?
What an exciting feat! We’re so proud of you.

Building something of your own is always a daunting prospect. There’s always a risk of failure.

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But if you have a clear vision and the right resources and workforce, nothing can stop you. Of course, choosing an accountant is also an important decision you must take when setting up a new business.

Your accountant should not only look after your accounts but also provide you with robust and up-to-date advice that help you take your startup to greater heights in its early years.

Birdfynn Accountants is a specialist startup accountant that has the knowledge, experience, and expertise you need to function properly.

startup support service in the UK

Although we can provide a full-suite of accounting and tax services, we can help you set up your company, guide you through all key HMRC registrations, conduct financial forecasts, and make business plans.

In addition, Birdfynn Accountants can help you access valuable R&D tax incentives to give your business a cash boost and minimise your corporation tax bill, and advise you on expanding your investment portfolio with SEIS/EIS tax schemes.

We have helped many business startups in the UK, and will gladly take on the task of supporting you. Contact us today!

startup consultancy service in the UK

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We’re here to help you to cut through the red-tape and assist you at a crucial time in your business. No hassle, only convenience - that’s what our startup support is all about in the UK. We can also help with a range of things, like:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme or SEIS offers startups that have been trading for not more than two years, employ less than 25 people, and have fewer than £200,000 in gross assets a chance to raise funds as high as £150,000. The scheme was launched with an aim to boost the UK's economic growth by promoting new enterprise and entrepreneurship.

One of the biggest advantages of the R&D tax credit is that you can claim back a portion of the money you invested in “innovation,” which refers to building or enhancing processes, products, or devices. R&D tax credits relief represents an additional corporation tax reduction of 25% of the expenditure incurred, which can be reinvested in your business or be put back in your pocket.

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