You know what? Having a virtual Finance Director can be a huge plus for your business!

Many growing companies don’t consider hiring an FD right away because they think it’s
too expensive or not required. But they don’t realise how not doing so hampers their growth.

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You see - many businesses fail within the first three years for a variety of reasons, including failure to find a profitable business model and the inability to differentiate from competitors. The reason being they don’t know where they’re heading, who their target audience should be, and how they should generate more revenues.

You need an experienced business partner to grow - one who can take your hand and guide you towards success. You can always use our virtual FD services if you’re unclear about your business future but don’t have the monetary resources to hire a full-time Finance Director.

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They will virtually work alongside your team and be present during critical discussions, providing insights and drawing on points that might otherwise go unnoticed. Our virtual FD comes with practical knowledge and years of experience in all the latest cloud-based accounting and data analytics software.

They can do varied tasks such as budgeting, forecasting, and supporting key staff members through mentoring and training. So, what are you waiting for? Use our virtual Finance Director services today!

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Scope of our virtual
CFO/FD services

You can totally rely on Birdfynn’s virtual Finance Director, who will be with you - every step of the way - offering bespoke financial expertise and advice you need to thrive and grow. Our scope of work includes:

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Who we help

Although we serve anyone who needs our help in accounting,
tax advisory, financial support, and startup planning, we primarily cater to the following:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, using virtual Finance Director services is definitely cheaper! According to Payscale, the average finance director's salary in the UK is £72,518. A virtual FD gives businesses access to the same level of experience and knowledge as an in-house FD - only at a fraction of the cost. Talk to Birdfynn Accountants to know more!

A virtual Finance Director(FD) - just like an in-house FD - is responsible for the overall financial health of a business. They manage the company finances daily, keep the financial risks in check, and undertake financial planning and reporting. A highly experienced full-time FD can come at a considerable cost, especially for SMEs and startups. That’s where a virtual Finance Director can make all the difference! Learn more about Virtual Finance Director

Use our virtual Finance Director services and thrive!

Let's explore how working with Birdfynn Accountants can be a big win for your business. We’d love to learn more about what you want to accomplish—and why—with our financial management services.

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