What are the most apparent reasons for opting for
a business valuation?

Are you getting an equity partner? Are you planning to give shares to your employees? Is your
partner exiting your business and you want to understand how much your partnership is valued at in
the market for HMRC approval?

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Whatever the reason - an inaccurate valuation can result in key decisions going absolutely wrong! So it would help if you did business valuation right. We at Birdfynn Accountants take the time to understand the specifics of your business and assess all factors unique to your objective and current valuation, which will invariably affect the outcome.

We have expert knowledge of which valuation methods to apply. Because every business requirement is different, we don’t follow a single standard methodology but ensure the method used is apt for the valuation and fits the context. If you need help, try our business valuation services today!

Business valuation services in the UK

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valuation services in the UK

While offering business valuation services, we naturally consider current legislation and professional standards. The support we provide to every client is personalised. Our AAT-qualified and Xero-certified accountants are hands-on in planning and delivering the most appropriate solution. Here’s what our business valuation services include:

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Although we serve anyone who needs our help in accounting,
tax advisory, financial support, and startup planning, we primarily cater to the following:

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The best way to get a reliable business valuation is to hire a professional accounting team such as Birdfynn Accountants. They apply a range of valuation methods and financial analysis techniques to calculate the most accurate value of your business. Click here to learn how to do company valuation

Equity partners value businesses just as accountants consider various factors and apply financial analysis techniques to conclude. If you’re unclear about your business valuation and don’t want an equity partner to be put off if your business is valued highly, get an accurate and fair number with the help of Birdfynn Accountants.

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Let’s explore how working with Birdfynn Accountants can be a big win for your business. We’d love to learn more about what you want to accomplish. Get an accurate picture of your business with us!

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