Running a fully compliant payroll system for
your employees is tedious, time-consuming, and
often frustrating!

But hey, if you do a goof-up while calculating your employee wages or worse - are unable to pay
them on time, you’ll find yourself in hot water.

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Fret not - Birdfynn Accountants offers a comprehensive payroll service, helping you keep on top of employee wages and pension contributions.

We produce P45, P60, and P11D forms, process timesheets, maintain management support, submit RTIs to HMRC, and more. As auto-enrolment experts, we help you identify suitable pension schemes, enrol your employees, and operate your scheme. Think of Birdfynn Accountants as your very own payroll team!

Managed payroll services in the UK

Scope of our managed payroll
services in the UK

At Birdfynn Accountants, we’re all about simplifying and streamlining your payroll. We help you build trust with your staff and ensure that everyone receives the wages they are entitled to. Here’s what our payroll and pension services covers:

Don’t need help in just one service but are interested
in having us as your extended accounting team?

We’ve got you!

Who we help

Although we serve anyone who needs our help in accounting,
tax advisory, financial support, and startup planning, we primarily cater to the following:

Why choose
Birdfynn Accountants

Our level of service is unparalleled in the industry. There are five reasons for that:


We’re 100% committed to you and your business and building a long-term relationship based on mutual trust and support.


We go the extra mile to develop solutions (no one’s ever thought of) that help you save more tax or make more profit in the long run.


Our people-first environment fosters loyalty and job satisfaction from a team committed to fulfilling your needs and minimising hassle.

Out-of-the-box thinking

We approach accounting in a fresh and down-to-earth way. We pride ourselves on creative problem-solving skills and a transparent way of working.


You’ll always have access to various services designed to enhance your financial operations and/or improve your business or personal wealth.

Technological proficiency
is our middle name.

We’re perfectly fine using any bookkeeping software for doing your books.

  • Brightpay
  • Moneysoft
  • Quickbook
  • Capium
  • Xero
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Payroll accounting is a huge time sink. Plus, given the complexity of the function, it’s more prone to errors. Our accountants will keep a tight record of your payroll entries, giving you an accurate view of gross wages, employee compensation payments, and the deductions made. With Birdfynn Accountants by your side, you can save time, improve the efficiency of your payroll and better utilise your efforts doing what matters, i.e., growing your business.

We have robust processes and checklists to ensure the salaries are calculated accurately and in a timely manner. We first calculate the pay for all employees, and that also involves deducting income tax, NI and other parameters. We then share the final net pay calculations with the client for approval. Besides, we produce P45 forms for employees if they resign and P60 forms for every employee at the end of every tax year.

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